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Carrier Reviews

Shopping around is the best way to save on auto premiums. While shopping, there are a number of variables that can affect your rates. If you're looking for information about car insurance, Quotes2Compare provides unbiased ratings and car insurance reviews to help you choose the best insurance for your needs.

Electric Insurance Company is a long established and financially secure insurance provider that was founded to serve the insurance needs of GE employees. Although half of its customer base now comes from outside of GE, it still caters its insurance products to GE employees by offering unique discounts and benefits that are not available to other customers. Electric Insurance has received a recent award for its customer service and is a great option to consider for GE employees with its wide range of coverage options and exclusive benefits.

Elephant Insurance offers auto insurance in four states at the moment and is a new insurance product that primarily sells its products online directly to its customers. It is a subsidiary of Admiral Group and has received some media attention for its fast growth and positive work environment. It is one of several new insurance companies that have focused their efforts primarily on the rapidly growing online sector of the insurance industry. Elephant offers several discounts for its customers and also offers many types of insurance products but the few customer experiences that have been posted online so far have been negative.

EMC auto insurance is sold by Employers Mutual Casualty Insurance Companies, a very highly experienced insurance company with a consistent financial track record. The company sells insurance in 50 states and offers a wide range of discounts and unique coverage options for its customers. The company has expanded in recent years to increase its customer base and financial assets, and has been highly rated for financial stability. Customer reviews of EMC online are minimal, but there are some positive experiences regarding their customer service, making the company a good choice to consider for auto insurance shoppers.

Encompass Insurance is a division of Allstate that sells insurance products in 42 states to both standard and high risk drivers. Encompass sells its insurance exclusively through its agents and offers several different coverage options for vehicles as well as unique home and auto bundled packages that are branded as “Encompass One” policies. Encompass offers many of the same discounts that Allstate does along with its own version of Allstate’s well known Accident Forgiveness program. Encompass has received a lower than average rating from J.D. Power in regard to its auto claims customer support and there are also some complaints regarding various support and claims issues posted online.

Ensure Auto Insurance offers insurance to the state of Minnesota and has offices in four locations in the state. The company is an independent agency that sells insurance through its group of insurance partners. Several different types of insurance are offered including auto and personal lines, commercial lines, and aviation lines. Ensure offers several different aviation insurance products which is a unique feature of the company, and it is a family owned business that specializes in the local Minnesota market. Due to the smaller size of the company there are relatively few reviews of the company online.

Erie Insurance is the 15th largest auto insurer in the United States and the 2nd largest in Pennsylvania, and offers several different home, commercial and auto policies. Erie sells insurance throughout 11 states and is headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania. The insurer has a reputation for excellent customer service and consistently leads the insurance industry in customer satisfaction surveys. Erie offers a large range of insurance products and many discounts for its auto policy holders and is a quality auto insurance option for insurance seekers living in one of the company’s 11 state markets.

Estrella Insurance is a South Florida based auto insurance company that markets its insurance products to standard and non-standard drivers in South Florida who may have trouble qualifying for insurance from other providers. The company offers bilingual support for its customers as well as affordable low liability coverage options. There are not many reviews of Estrella from customers or independent review companies, so the quality of the company’s customer support and insurance products is not quite clear.

Esurance provides auto insurance to customers in 34 states through the internet and phone sales and sells its auto insurance directly to customers, in a similar business model as Progressive, one of its main competitors. For the states where it does not sell insurance it offers comparison auto insurance shopping with competitors to find customers the best rate. Esurance also provides other insurance products through partners such as Safeco, Progressive and others. The company is known for its effective marketing techniques and for being a leader online insurance marketing techniques.

The American Farm Bureau Federation is a national lobbying organization for agricultural workers and farmers with independent branches in each state. Each of the 50 states has its own Farm Bureau branch with its ow n policies. Most of the 50 branches offer their members unique benefits like discounted insurance and investment options, and this is where “Farm Bureau” branded auto insurance comes from.

Farmers Insurance Group is one of the top five largest auto insurance companies in the United States and it sells insurance in all 50 states through a large network of agents. Farmers is known for its financial stability and for several notable acquisition in recent years, however the company has been the subject of several negative customer reviews. The company offers several discounts to its customers and a wide range of insurance options that are similar to other large insurers. Third party review organizations have given Farmers less than average ratings for customer satisfaction.

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