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Auto Insurance in Utah

You face severe penalties for failure to comply with laws pertaining to auto insurance in Utah. If you want to know more about the no-fault, liability, and other coverage standards that you must meet to be in compliance with the laws in Utah, you should read this informative guide.

Auto Insurance in Utah

Mandatory liability auto insurance applies to all drivers in the State of Utah. All vehicles must contain valid proof of insurance and drivers must be able to present this proof when required by law enforcement.

Anyone convicted of driving without insurance will be subject to vehicle registration suspension. Drivers may be convicted in court or through a Department of Public Safety (DPS) hearing. Additional penalties could include a $400 fine. Subsequent offenses lead to higher fines.

After license and/or vehicle registration suspension due to a conviction for driving without insurance, a driver will have to pay a fee and show proof of valid insurance before they can earn reinstatement.

Minimum Liability Auto Insurance in Utah

Liability auto insurance is only valid if it meets the state’s coverage minimums. To make sure you meet or exceed the state’s standard, you should have a policy that covers at least:

- $25,000 bodily injury per person
- $65,000 total bodily injury per accident
- $15,000 total property damage per accident

You may not have adequate protection for yourself and your passengers if your policy only meets the state’s minimum standard. Auto insurance experts often advise drivers to seek out auto insurance extensions like comprehensive and collision coverage. These types of insurance will help protect you in additional circumstances that might otherwise lead to financial ruin if you only had minimum coverage. To find any kind of auto insurance in Utah, you can enter your zip code and browse quotes from top providers in your area.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Auto Insurance in Utah

This type of coverage is not required.

No-Fault Auto Insurance in Utah

Utah is a no-fault state that requires its drivers to maintain additional forms of insurance.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

In order to meet Utah’s requirements for no-fault insurance, drivers must carry personal injury protection that can cover a minimum of $3,000 for expenses resulting from an accident regardless of fault.

SR-22 Requirements

In order to prove to the state that they are carrying at least the minimum standard for auto insurance in Utah, some drivers will need to file an SR-22 document with the DMV. In most cases, these drivers will be currently serving a suspension due to a DUI conviction or because they were caught driving without insurance.

Utah’s DUI Laws

Utah hands out a long list of penalties to first time DUI offenders. Upon conviction, these offenders potentially face:

- Minimum 2 days imprisonment or
- Minimum 2 days community service or
- Home confinement
- Minimum $700 fine
- 120 day license suspension
- Possible home confinement
- Possible alcohol/drug screening
- Possible alcohol/drug assessment
- Possible substance abuse education
- Possible substance abuse treatment

Additional Information about Auto Insurance in Utah

The Utah Insurance Department is the best resource for additional information about auto insurance in Utah. They can be reached on the phone at (801) 538-3035 or online at

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