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Auto Insurance in Ohio

It is illegal to operate a vehicle without auto insurance in Ohio. There are several laws and regulations that all drivers are expected to know and follow. To make sure that you have compliant auto coverage, just read our quick guide to auto insurance in Ohio.

Auto Insurance in Ohio

Liability auto insurance is required by law in the State of Ohio. However, there is one way to opt out of mandatory auto insurance. If you can provide a bond that meets the state minimum requirements for proof of financial responsibility, you will not have to carry car insurance. The vast majority of drivers choose to simply maintain the proper level of coverage.

The penalties for failing to secure or maintain the proper amount of insurance are severe. The first offense will result in suspension of driving privileges for a period of 90 days. On the second offense, the driver will lose his or her one year. Additional offenses after that will result in suspensions of at least two years. The State of Ohio may also punish these offenses by impounding and/or selling the driver’s car, revoking registration and license plates, and more. When they do regain driving privileges, offenders will also be placed in “high risk” categories by insurance companies and charged higher premiums.

Minimum Liability Auto Insurance in Ohio

In order to comply with the law, your liability auto insurance must cover at least:

$12,500 bodily injury per person
$25,000 total bodily injury per accident
$7,500 total property damage per accident

These coverage minimums are relatively low compared to many other states. Auto insurance experts would suggest that Ohio drivers look to purchase auto insurance that goes above and beyond the legally mandated minimums. When you want to find a great deal on coverage that gives you adequate protection against rising costs of medical care and vehicle repairs, you can enter your zip code on this page and compare quotes from top providers.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Auto Insurance in Ohio

You are not required to carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in the State of Ohio.

No-Fault Auto Insurance in Ohio

Ohio is not a no-fault state and does not require its drivers to carry any additional form of auto insurance other than liability.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal injury protection is not a requirement in Ohio.

SR-22 Requirements

With strict laws regarding auto insurance in Ohio, there may be many suspended drivers who must go through the reinstatement process. These people will have to file an SR-22 with the DMV and pay a reinstatement fee ranging from $75 to $500 in order to regain their driving privileges.

Ohio’s OVI Laws

Operating a Vehicle Intoxicated (OVI) is a serious offense in the State of Ohio. First time offenders will face the following penalties:

- Three days to six months imprisonment or
- Three day driver intervention program
- Six days imprisonment if Blood Alcohol Content is 0.17% or above
- Six months to three years license suspension
- $450 reinstatement fee
- $250 to $1,000 fine

Additional Information about Auto Insurance in Ohio

You should contact the Ohio Department of Insurance if you have a question about special cases. They are available on the phone at (614) 644-2658 or online at

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